June 18, 2001

This morning on the radio – Lyric FM – the forecast was for a generally dry day with perhaps some periods of rain.  That isn’t a forecast – why even bother?  What they are saying is that anything can happen.  But come to think of it, that’s rather like Ireland. (Why can’t I buy pants?  Everything is closed!)

Have had a truly delightful weekend so far – a sort of a baptism that has made me feel quite a bit better about where I am and what I’m doing.

Friday night I tagged along with Maeve and Declan as they went to Q Bar, right on the Southside next to O’Connell Bridge.  Right smack “city centre” as they’d say.  We went to meet up with Declan’s ex-girlfriend and a bunch of his class friends.  It was a large, modern club with three levels, as many bars, and sleek chrome and flat panel TV’s in the walls showing MTV that synced rather well with the music the DJ played.

The bottom floor was the dance floor, the best part of which was that when I found myself in the middle of that teeming, writhing mass of intoxicated Dubliners, I was warm for the FIRST TIME!


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