June 11, 2001

Just arrived at Shannon Airport.  There was a beautiful orange crust of a dawn in the midnight blue sky, but then clouds rolled in with the sun so there was no spectacular unveiling of the glorious green island.  In fact, we slid down into some thick white clouds and though we were actually over Ireland, my view consisted entirely of ice fingers forming on the wing that stretched out into the clouds so deep as to be featureless.  Now I’m in a big beautiful orange 1960’s waiting room in a boxy, pleasant orange airport.  Makes me think of Asia – always being a decade or so behind under all the veneer of progress and high technology assumed to be synonymous with mirrored glass and unconventional angles.

Actually managed to nod off for about twelve seconds this morning.  Evening.  Whatever.  It’s about 2:30AM home and 7:30AM here.  To fight fatigue and jet lag I should try to stay up all day and go to bed at a normal time – a HIGHLY daunting task!  My sleep was not elegant in any way – I most assuredly passed out with my forehead pressed against the window and drool running down onto the cuff of my shirt.  I was awoken by the allure of the prepackaged blueberry muffin brick proffered me by the generally feisty and attractive stewardess.

I don’t think that thin 14 year old girls should be let out of the house.  They have a disturbing misplaced sexuality that has been taught them by fashion magazines and peer pressure that leads them to dress like sorority girls on the prowl with no clear concept of the repercussions.

I feel really rather ill.  Bile keeps rising into my throat and my stomach has decided to create some voodoo form of macrame upon itself.  It has been beset by intestinal boyscouts with more fiendish desire than knowledge on tying difficult knots.  I think it may have been that cup of coffee -> it always plays scratch with my innards.  Or course it could also be that dinner was quite lovely and couldn’t have been higher in fat if everything had been laminated in pure and rendered pig fat.  BUT I was so hungry and bored and eating is such a pleasant diversion so of course I ate, and quite enjoyed, it all.  Ah, but no joy comes at a price, and mine will have to be not eating for about a week to try to stabilize things.


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